Candy King Strawberry Rolls ~ Disposable Vape Review
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Candy King Strawberry Rolls ~ Disposable Vape Review

If you loved those sticky and chewy fruit-filled rolled up candy treats as a kid, then you’ll love Candy King Strawberry Rolls!

This candy E-Liquid delivers the mouthwatering candy flavor that you’ve always wished for in a vape.

Now you can enjoy the classic strawberry candy with a blast of cool menthol!

Sweet strawberries

Thousands of juicy strawberries were handpicked and washed, carefully selecting only the best for this sweet and refreshing treat. Then they were crushed into a thick strawberry mash, where every drop of pure fruity goodness was preserved. Finally, they were rolled into a fat roll of strawberry fruit tape and stuffed into this 100mL bottle that you see before you!

Candy King is famous for its spot-on candy flavors, and this strawberry roll is no exception. It takes succulent strawberries and pairs them with the classic confectionary chew from your adolescence to create a fruity candy treat that will inspire you and your taste buds.

This flavor is part of the Candy King On Ice line, and it brings a refreshing twist to this mouthwatering treat. It is infused with a chilling blast of menthol that creates invigorating clouds and an icy sensation on the exhale. Try this delicious candy vape on your MTL tank today!

Chewy fruit tape

Candy King Strawberry Rolls is an amazing e-liquid that recreates a chewy strawberry fruit roll up snack from adolescence. This spot on recreation is a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth.

This flavor is made from the finest berries that are carefully washed, and boiled to be the perfect size. The berries are then crushed into a thick berry mash. After that, a stream of sugar is poured into the mixture to create the chewy strawberry candy tape. The final product is rolled into a fat ball, and stuffed into the 100ml bottle you see before you!

In addition to Strawberry rolls, Candy King has a line of delectable bodega-style candy flavors. These include Batch, Berry Dweebz, Hard Apple, Lemon Drops, Peachy Rings, Swedish, and Sour Worms. Each flavor is available in a convenient Chubby Gorilla 100ml bottle.

Pink taffy

One of the best-selling collections from Drip More, Candy King brings a whirlwind of top-shelf flavors for vapers with a sweet tooth. Strawberry Squares captures a bold combination of chewy taffy candy and ripe strawberries to create an invigorating experience for your mouth with every hit.

This delicious e-liquid is made from premium USP-grade food ingredients and crafted inside an ISO7-certified facility. It has a 70% VG base for massive clouds that will fill your room with delightful flavor. The vapor is smooth and silky, with a classic strawberry candy taste that will satisfy your cravings.

Presented in a value-packed 100ml Chubby Gorilla unicorn bottle, Candy King brings five of your favorite candy flavors fit for vaping royalty. Discover a delicious range of fruity and sour gummy candy flavors, as well as refreshing coolness with on-ice variations. All the flavors are sure to enchant your sweet tooth and give you a memorable vaping experience.

Chill menthol

Invigorate your vaping experience with a cool menthol flavour that’s ice-cold from inhale to exhale. Menthol Chill by Humble Juice Co delivers a straight taste of menthol that’s perfect for anyone who loves an icy hit with every pull.

Candy King On ICE Strawberry Rolls borrows the strawberry candy flavor from their previous creation and pairs it with an icy blast of menthol for a cool-tasting vape. This unique strawberry fruit candy e-liquid comes in a 100ml bottle and is best enjoyed when vaped on smaller mouth-to-lung devices.

Drip More has crafted the nostalgic strawberry roll candy flavor you’ve always craved in a portable, easy-to-use package. Enjoy massive vapor clouds of fruity candy happiness with each puff from this delicious e-liquid. This premium e-liquid is available in a 100ml Chubby Gorilla bottle and features a VG/PG ratio of 70/30 for balance between rich flavors and dense cloud production. Enjoy this e-liquid at a nicotine strength of your choosing with the options of 3mg, 6mg and nicotine-free.